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[VIDEO] Teen Screams Hysterically and Rants Over ‘Climate Change’ at U.S. Capitol 

The left are turning our youth into hysterical nervous wrecks over the “wellbeing” of the planet.

Instead of having fun and enjoying their youth, these poor kids are having a nervous breakdown trying to save the planet over the next 12-years (before the whole thing blows up and turns us all into ash). Thanks, AOC.

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Sure, it’s great to care about earth and be respectful of your surroundings, but these children are behaving like kids who’ve been indoctrinated into some creepy cult. Not to mention, they seem scared half to death that the planet will be gone if they don’t do something RIGHT NOW to fix it.

Case in point – this young girl speaking at a Climate Change rally at the U.S. Capitol has a mini-meltdown on stage, and screams and rants like an unhinged lunatic.

It’s funny, sure, but it’s also downright scary and sad to watch young people carry the burden of junk science around on their shoulders like this.

The deranged Left has so inculcated America’s youth with the nonsense that they (and their parents and grandparents) are responsible for destroying the planet due to our modern lifestyles they have literally created a generation of lunatics.

Whether they are pledging not to have children because they’re ‘afraid’ to bring a child into a world that ‘won’t be around’ in a few years or agreeing to build and live in wind-powered treehouses, these youngsters have been brainwashed into believing in human-caused “Climate Change” like it’s a religion.

These people aren’t even rational anymore. They can’t even discuss the issue without screaming at the top of their lungs, as if volume will in and of itself solve their dilemma.

And don’t try to tell them that what they’ve been taught about climate change is 110 percent unadulterated bullshit. They’ll completely lose their shit. [National Sentinel]

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You can watch the disturbing scream-fest below:

This video below is what every young climate change kook should watch, before it’s too late.

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