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[VIDEO] AOC Would be ‘Honored’ To be Bernie Sanders VP…But There’s One Huge Problem

As we all know by now AOC has thrown her hat in the ring for the old communist white guy for 2020. The woman who is always screaming about “girl power” and “feminism” passed up the lady communist (Warren) for the dusty old dude.

She’s been out stumping for Sanders every chance she gets. During a Spanish-speaking interview with Telemundo, AOC said that she would be “honored” to be Bernie Sanders VP.

However, there’s one big problem.

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“It’d be an honor to be vice president,” she said during the interview when asked about being Sanders’s running mate.

However, she went on to say that since she’s only 30-years-old she can’t be Veep or president (it doesn’t matter how old she is, she’ll never be anyone’s president or vice president).

“Well, I can’t be his running mate, because I’m not old enough. I’m 30, and you have to be at least 35. But, it’d be an honor to be vice president,” she told Noticias Telemundo.

Imagine that clueless lunatic as “vice president.” What a disaster.

Maybe President Trump could hire her to be the lead “White House bartender.”

You can watch the video below:

Ocasio-Cortez has been one of Sanders’s top surrogates, and she talked him up on the show and brushed aside charges from Republicans that their ideas are socialist.

“We’re not advocating total control of the economy. We’re talking about humane economic rights. We’re talking about education, healthcare, and fair wages. Here in the U.S., those values are called socialist values, but to me, that says a lot about where we are in the U.S.,” said the New York lawmaker.

She also took a shot at her top critic, President Trump.

“I think that if the president is calling me crazy, that’s good. It’d be a problem if he said he agreed with me because he has a lot of issues. He’s a racist, and he’s anti-immigrants, but more than that, his administration is very corrupt,” she said.

And she added, “I think he’s afraid of women, of strong women, of Latina women.”

Latina women have worked closely with Trump, and several are also heading a group called “Latinos for Trump.” He also has appointed several women to top positions in his administration and White House. [Washington Examiner]

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