[VIDEO] Antonio Brown Live-Streams Vulgar Anti-Cop Tirade as Police Arrvie at His House Over Domestic Dispute

Former NFL star Antonio Brown was not a happy camper as the police showed up over a domestic dispute with the mother of his children.

Brown live-streamed the incident from his front porch, antagonizing the police and using some of the most vulgar language towards them.

The nasty showdown with his baby’s mama Chelsie Kyriss took place this morning.

Police had to be called after he accused her of trying to steal his Bentley.

The ex-NFL star took to Instagram to live to broadcast the ugly (and private) situation outside his Florida mansion.

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Kyriss appears to have shown up at his home with kids in tow.

The police were seen talking to the driver of a white Bentley.

If he called them, why on earth is he so angry at them? He sounds like an absolutely unhinged lunatic.

The ex-NFL star says to the police, “is there any justice for a black man in America?”

The police don’t respond to Antonio but talk to his former girlfriend in the driveway.

He then asks the cops to “slam her” like they “would have slammed me.”

He accuses her of trespassing on his property and having been evicted.

Kyriss is seen driving away in the Bentley while Antonio asks, “why my car moving?”


You can watch the video below:

Wow. The Patriots were smart to cut this guy loose.

He obviously has a lot of emotional issues and needs to seek therapy and ask Jesus to help him.

What’s really sad here is that the kids saw all that adult drama.

Why didn’t the mom leave them at home with a family member?

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