Antoine Dodson: ‘The gay community — we have went from being bullied to becoming bullies’

Antoine Dotson is not as crazy as what you think he is. Dotson was bold enough to go public with his support for Chick-Fil-A while being associated with the Gay community. This radio interview gives a little more insight of why  he thinks the way he thinks:

Now with that being said, he brought up a couple of sensible valid points. The Gay community used to be bullied yes, that is 100 percent correct because many people across America didn’t agree with that lifestyle that they chose to have. But now with the rubber stamp of Barack Obama, legitimacy by the Democratic Party, Democratic State Governors allowing same-sex marriages…that’s about all they need to step out to be bolder and show reverse intolerance. If you respond negatively you are demonized viciously!

There were a few gay organizations that were against this kiss-in because they thought it would bring a bad light to an already bad situation. Well it has! If you gay, why travel to Chick-Fil-A to kiss on every man you see just to prove a point? It only throws more disgust against their cause and turns more against them. But then again they don’t care…they have a President and Political Party backing their every move.

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