ANTIFA Planned Acid Attack on D.C. Free Speech Rally Via Social Media App; Wanted To Blind Attendees

ANTIFA is a group of leftist militants who associate with far leftists and radical leftists, who commit to acts of violence against those on the with ring wing political views.

They have been defended by CNN and some members of the Democratic Party. From what’s I’ve seen, they claim they are against Nazis when they are part of that type of thinking. They try to push fear against individuals on the right who aren’t ready for confrontation.

On July 6th, there will be scheduled rally hosted by a few right-wing personalities that have been removed from most of the major social media platforms because they seek to challenge the left using their leftist methods. Make no mistake about it, the voices meant to speak are fighting a “war” utilizing methods regular conservatives dare not tread but will cheer from the sidelines, way in the back.

ANTIFA has threatened harm against the attendees of the event through a social media app called Telegram. I guess they thought their efforts would be invisible, but it’s been brought to light.

A person utilizing artwork created by a Rolling Stone journalist who writes favorably about Antifa has threatened to attack attendees of the Demand Free Speech rally with “muriatic acid, wax, and balloons” on July 6 in Washington, D.C.

The threats were made on a popular right wing Telegram channel. A user with the name “POUND ON YOUR BOY” made several threats against the rally, prompting co-organizer Enrique Tarrio to contact the FBI and DHS, who are now planning to provide additional security to the event.

Over the course of about 10 minutes last night, the “POUND ON YOUR BOY” account asked how the D.C. event is “coming along”, and referenced muriatic acid multiple times.

I just want to toss as many balloons of Muriatic acid in the faces as many Proud Boys I can [sic]”, wrote the user, “I just want to blind as many of you c**k suckers are possible [sic].” [Big League Politics]

Here is the image from the Telegram app:

As has been true for 250 years, Leftists know that they cannot win any argument or discussion on the merits of their positions since their entire agenda is, and has always been, based on lies, misinformation, and deception. So they ALWAYS end up resorting to violence.

They are lunatics, along with every person that supports them simply because they dislike the speech of other people. I hope every single one of these violent thugs gets arrested and imprisoned after a fair trial, that includes ted wheeler, which I am sure is a member of those ANTIFA mobs.


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