Anti-Trump Liberal Attacks Black Trump Supporter Leaving Phoenix Rally

You know I don’t use race in headlines, but the media wants to play sides and cover up biased against leftist attacks on Trump supporters.

If seems in the video below by Simon Romero, the Trump supporter was trying to corral his friend into the truck so that they could leave the tense scene. He wasn’t engaging the hostile crowd or throw epithets; he was trying to help.

When he got in his the man into the truck, he also got in the back of the truck, and that’s when he got blindsided by an anti-Trump supporter.

Source: Mediaite

A few thousand protesters showed up outside the event, and things were mostly peaceful until the end of the rally, when Trump supporters filtered out of the Phoenix Convention Center and police had to use tear gas to manage the crowds.

One violent clash between Trump supporters and protesters was caught on video by New York Times correspondent Simon Romero, showing a pickup truck packed with MAGA-hat-wearers arguing with protesters surrounding the truck.

In the video, one of the MAGA-hatters, a black man, restrains his friend following a shouting match with protesters, and the friend eventually gets into the driver’s seat of the truck while the black man hops in the bed with two others.

Mediaite claims the truck tried to run into the people on the street, but if you look closely, that never happens. The driver was steering away from the crowd, and when he got around the corner, nobody was in front of the truck. The anti-Trump supporters were banging on the side of the truck as he tried to drive off.

Here are a few reactions:

Here are liberals who saw the incident differently. You have to wonder just what they were looking at:

America needs to wake up to what the media isn’t reporting. They won’t tell you how the left is attacking Trump supporters. Democrats and the media are defending ANTIFA, which the President called out on Tuesday night and we all need to be more aware.

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