Anti-NRA Speaker Afraid Media Will Report Low Turnout Repositions Participants!

Not only did you shake your head, your jaw probably dropped reading a headline like this, but it’s true!

Liberals protesting the National Rifle Association this past weekend were afraid the media would report the low turnout, so they went to the mic to call out the press and reposition their participants, so it looked somewhat large.

Liberals claiming the media will lie against them is a new one on me. After years of promoting the liberal agenda and lying to the middle class and poor, women and elderly, now they want to act as if they are getting the short end of the stick.

The bottom line here is liberals are ungrateful, and they don’t believe in telling the truth anytime or anywhere. This protesting crowd was small, and they didn’t want that information to get out because any negativity like this would mean their message isn’t getting across.

One more thing, how many rallies will Linda Sarsour appear in a guest star role? I think she’s trying to put a Muslim face on every negative thing happening in this country. She will probably show up at Black Lives Matter event shortly. We already know she’s using the “civil rights template to speak to her anti-American Muslim audience.

Source: NTK Network

“I’ve had at least two camera folks say that it doesn’t look like we have a lot of people here today and we do,” Mallory said. The organizer then ordered the protesters to realign so they could show their numbers to be bigger.

We know that the media has a tendency to report what they want to report, and they’ll say that the numbers were a little thin,” she continued. “We want to make sure that it’s clear that people came out in the 90-plus degree weather to stand with us today.”

We don’t want to trust that you might show the crowd. We want to know that you have no choice but to show who is here,” Mallory told the media.

Protesters at the demonstration numbered in the hundreds, which is a far cry from the hundreds of thousands that the anti-Trump protests drew in January.

Those poor lost souls wish they had something constructive to do today:

I feel sorry for the men in this video. “Honey, it’s going to be a beautiful day, let’s go for a ride or something” “No! We’re going to the Woman’s March to protest the NRA!! And if you don’t go I’ll divorce you and take all your stuff because of equality!!” “Ok….”

I support the NRA. I am very thankful to have them fighting for my rights to own and bear arms, inside and outside the home for protection. Alternative lefties and other lonely people may portray this organization as evil or as advocating violence, but what they do is represent people like me. If they were serious about real and actual threats to innocent civilians, they should protest gang violence and crime.

These anti-NRA protesters are wannabes. They want to be relevant, but they have no message to stir their base.

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