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Both Ann Coulter And Laura Ingraham Caution Bill Signing! “Filled With Amnesty And Pork”

Conservative political strategist Ann Coulter took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon after learning that Pres. Trump was going to sign the border wall bill, and told her followers and anyone standing close to her timeline, that the national emergency would not help, and if Pres. Trump signs the bill that will be the end.

The border wall funding bill was slated to give Pres. Trump $1.3 billion. Back in December, the Senate had proposed to give Pres. Trump $1.6 billion, but the commander-in-chief said no because it did not meet the $5.7 billion threshold the House of Representatives passed for the southern border wall.

The border patrol told Pres. Trump what they needed in regards to funding their operations going forward.

This is not the first time the Coulter has condemned the president when it comes to the border wall.

Here is Coulter’s tweet:

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh earlier this afternoon or at least the tail end of his show, and it seemed as if he was happy because of the news, Pres. Trump might not sign the bill.

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This money the bill offers is nothing compared to what Trump wanted in the first place. In return, illegals get protection, 450 million of our money for humanitarian purposes, ICE powers reduced and much more. National emergency doesn’t change those. This bill is so bad, but people want to see a national emergency declaration, even if it does nothing and gets challenged in courts.

I think the point has come, though, where common sense must tell us that the POTUS and his inner circle wouldn’t be getting rolled if that isn’t what they are satisfied with. If all of us can see all the PRO illegal immigration provisions in this bill, then POTUS and his crew can certainly see it.

The wall prohibitions in the bill address the use of the $1.3 billion being provided by the bill law. They do not address how other funds can be used for a wall. The scariest parts of the bill are the ones that restrict the border patrol and provide the deportation immunity for illegals. An executive declaration cannot override those. This bill is trash and would be a big mistake for Trump to sign.

I say go with the continuing resolution for another week or so and allow the Republicans to review all that pork inside and remove it. It’s not needed to protect the American people.

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