Coulter Doesn’t Agree With Pres. Trump Visiting Border — It’s Beyond Moronic

Hey Ann, take a chill pill on attacking Pres. Trump on going to the border. It’s a good thing.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is not happy Pres. Trump is visiting the border on Thursday, and she let loose with her tweet earlier Monday evening.

“Trump GOING TO THE BORDER is beyond moronic,” Coulter, a vocal supporter of a border wall, tweeted Monday. “Does he need to meet with a cancer patient before deciding to fund cancer research?”

Coulter came out with more tweets, and they stung in a way that will anger the Trump base. She said the trip was more like “politicians who switch positions on gay marriage after talking to a gay person.”

She also felt the trip wouldn’t amount to anything and that is was a waste of time. She said that Trump needs to provide a “serious Oval Office speech explaining why a Wall is the only compassionate solution.”

“Border Patrol Agents are the LAST people who should be commenting on the need for a wall: ‘What do you think about us installing an inanimate object that can do your job better than you can?’”

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“What will Trump GOING TO THE BORDER accomplish? I’ve been to a hospital. That doesn’t make me a doctor.”

I think Trump can do that when he goes down there. I want him to explain to the American people just how bad it is and with today’s voters, optics mean a lot more than words. A lot of Americans don’t even read anymore, they want to see to understand, and I think this trip does just that.

I support Ann, but I also support Pres. Trump showing up the Democrats anytime he can get a chance. I also think a change of venue is ok for the Commander-in-chief because he’s been in the White House since before Christmas waiting on Democrats.

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