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Judge Napolitano Sounds As If He’s Come To Conclusion Trump Is Guilty!

I have been reading a lot of Trump supporter reactions to Judge Andrew Napolitano lately, and none of them are good.

It seems that a lot of supporters are angry at Napolitano for how he is characterizing Pres. Trump. It almost seems like there is a consensus that Napolitano is mad at the administration for some odd reason.

Napolitano is a Fox News analyst contributor who is called upon to give an expert opinion on the happenings going on with the White House. But if you listen to him explain things over the last few months seems like he is taken a different turn or a more negative angle.


“A federal judge has already decided this is a crime, that’s the federal judge that accepted Cohen’s guilty plea, and the federal prosecutors have already decided they’re going to prosecute for this.”

“Now maybe they shouldn’t, but they’ve already decided to do it and they have the discretion to do it,”

“So I think those who are trying to downplay this and say it’s a bookkeeping error, when you’re talking about paying somebody money to remain silent about alleged inappropriate behavior, that is either a campaign contribution, which is unlawful, or a campaign expenditure which is unlawful. And Cohen pleaded guilty to it.”

“You know, if you hire me to shoot somebody, and I shoot them, under the law, you are as liable as if you pulled the trigger.”

Does this seem like an analyst who is well-equipped to deliver both sides of the argument or does this sound like someone with a chip on his shoulder?

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