Amy Schumer: “Rise Up Together” To Defeat Donald Trump

I’ve said in the past Hollyweird actors are not that smart, they are told what to do, how to do it and when to do it, and they follow directions.

Today’s comedians like Amy Schumer are crossing the line into politics thinking their voice is huge and worth a damn, but they don’t realize their small base of fans doesn’t equate to millions that voted for President Donald Trump.

Schumer, who is related to Sen. Chuck Schumer took to Instagram to publicly call for treasonous acts and charge her followers with rising against Trump. She forgets Trump has an army too and they aren’t falling for that ganging up mess.

From Amy’s Instagram:

This is what he was thinking about at 621am. This was his tweet after his first soldier died. Also 8 Yemeni women and 7 children died and trump called the raid “successful” Also I know chuck Schumer and HE CANNOT act trust me. He can barely smile on cue. He can’t help but be transparent and genuine. He was hurt for those people and all the people facing such unconstitutional injustice.

Trump is about to bombard us with so many awful decisions. His Supreme Court pick will be terrifying and he will try and stop same sex adoption and all our other nightmares. We can’t get burnt out or overwhelmed and distracted. We need to stay focused and organized. Tell your friends who say “I’m just not political” that that doesn’t cut it anymore. We need people alert and fighting for each other’s rights.

Tell your sheltered friends to wake up and help. If you live somewhere where youve never even met a Muslim person and it feels like this doesn’t really affect you. It does. A Muslim ban is so unconstitutional and cruel.

They are good, hard working people and a refugee from the countries he isn’t letting people in from have never committed any acts of terrorism on US soil. Never. We need to fight this now and together. Call congress. Call the senate. We need to wake up and rise up together. People need our help.


I think Schumer should get a knock at the door by the Secret Service, how about you? Why cover this, so that Americans will see just how crazy and sick the left is so when election time comes around again, the choice will be so easy to not choose their side.

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