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UNC, Duke Hold Joint Conference That Seems To Trash Israel [VIDEO]

Two of the most prominent Universities on the eastern shore will shock many Americans with this undercover report.

Ami Horowitz loves to create undercover videos to expose hypocrisy and ignorance and then upload them to social media to educate and inform. This one troubles me to no end.

Horowitz seemed to expose blatant anti-Semitism at a weekend conference sponsored by Universities of North Carolina and Duke. The conference topic was labeled “Conflict Over Gaza.” Horowitz noted in the video below that “they spent a weekend bashing Israel and whitewashing the terrorist organization Hamas.”

This video is enlightening and sickening to say the least. Conservative speakers plead for security just to be able to express their opinions in front of likeminded Americans and these students are sanctioned by the university.

I guess this video just backs up what we have known, it seems that the First Amendment only applies to leftists in these lower-learning institutions. Sooner or later, they will have to face the music.




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