Forget The Inflight Movie, How About “Two” Rounds Of Airplane Boxing?

I am not sure whether or not I ever saw this before but one man didn’t want to be denied and the other just wanted to be left alone.

According to Japan Today, the American, in the flowery shirt, seemed to be intoxicated during the flight. He also allegedly hit a female passenger in the melee.  The report also stated the man was arrested and detained after he tried to choke an airplane employee.

I wonder what he was drinking.

Source: Fox News

Two passengers aboard a Los Angeles-bound flight in Narita, Japan were filmed in a violent pre-flight altercation Monday night.

Corey Hour, of Arizona, had already boarded All Nippon Airways Flight 6 when he alleges two passengers began shouting and ultimate came to exchange blows.

“So, 10 minutes before take off a passenger starts a huge fight in his row,” Hour posted on Twitter.

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“He allegedly was contracted by the government to carry out a hit in Las Vegas,” Hour tweeted, replying to someone asking if the American man in the video had started the incident. “Then he went rogue and started fighting civilians.”

In footage of the fight posted on social media, airline staff and other passengers are seen trying to break up the two men.

“Somebody get this guy off the plane,” somebody can be heard shouting.

According to Japan Today, the airline believes the American seen in the video was intoxicated and he was asked to leave the plane. He initially resisted and hit a female passenger. After being deplaned, the 44-year-old man allegedly tried to choke an ANA employee. He was arrested in Japan and has since been charged with assault.

Here is the video recorder tweeting out after the fight:

Thanks Corey for recording this. Corey’s recording made it to Fox News early Tuesday morning.

What did you think of this battle royale? Guess some Americans just can’t go anywhere without showing the worse we have to offer right?

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