American Citizen Surgercially dismantles Gun Violence Prevention during Public Hearing with facts

At a public gun violence prevention hearing in Hartford, CT, a man named Henson Ong spoke. Mr. Ong, a legal immigrant, makes some fantastic points about gun control as it relates to violence in this country.


One such point was that in the past, people were able to mail order guns and have them sent right to their front door, and yet at minimum, we had no more mass shootings than we have today, and probably fewer.

I would like to commend Mr. Ong for going into an unfriendly environment and eloquently voicing an informed, opposing position, all in a language and a country that is not his first. Can you imagine how different this fight would be if those of us who were born here, who speak English as a first language, who oppose gun control, did the same?

Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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