Amber Heard Deletes Racist Tweet Showing How Hollywood Feels About Illegal Aliens

I don’t know if she was trying to be proactive or funny, but the message was racist any way you cut it.

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Heard, deleted a tweet calling for Hollywood elites to protect illegals fromImmigrations, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) by giving them a ride home so they wouldn’t be picked up and carted off.

This is the infamous deleted tweet:

This incident reminds me of when TV Host, Kelly Osbourne, when she was on The View and asked who’s going to clean my toilet if we get rid of illegal aliens. True story.

If this tweet had come from a conservative, he or she would have been eviscerated by the Leftist media. Does this idiot starlet even know that Mexico is, in fact, a real police state, a state where only the police have firearms?

Source: Daily Wire

Amber Heard, at least, seems to believe that an illegal immigrant underclass exists largely to serve her A-list and B-list kind as potentially underpaid, overworked, illegally hired servants, who have no recourse to the Occupation Safety and Health Administration, or state or federal authorities, if they’re mistreated or abused, lest they have to admit their lack of legal status and be deported.

Many who agree with Donald Trump on immigration understand that the whole system needs to be reformed, so that those who want to come to the United States for a better life aren’t trapped in low-pay, dead-end jobs.

Heard deleted the tweet after TMZ pointed it out.

As for the “checkpoints,” well, it appears that they were fictitious (and it’s the Border Patrol, not ICE, that operates checkpoints, anyway).

Someone needs to check to make sure Ms. Heard has been paying her nanny taxes, and taxes for the housekeeper and lawn guy while they’re at it.

This is the same Amber Heard who attempted to sneak her dogs into Australia without the appropriate health checks. So you see, she doesn’t care about the laws of any nation, it seems. We already know that Hollywood lives in a matchstick world, they care only for themselves and nothing in it is real. That’s why they give themselves awards and beat themselves to death patting each other in the back!

For me, the appalling statement is not the latino part, that is a given. It is the “Just heard there’s…” So you hear something someone tells you, without knowing if it is true, and knowing that is inflammatory, and you broadcast it to the world. This is what the left, and MSM do every day. Repeat rumors, innuendo, etc., cause outrage on things that may not be even true. But they still do because they feel compelled to virtue signal. How is this any better than pizza gate?

Amber just shot herself in the foot. I’m surprised that there was no news coverage about the leftist mob descending on her for her elitist and ignorant tweet, demanding a public apology. I suppose it sounds better if it comes from one of their own.

What are your thoughts about Amber’s tweet? Hollyweird at it’s most exceptional, right?

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