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Report: Key Witness For Dems Impeachment Inquiry Contacted Staffer; Under Oath Said She Didn’t

Last night on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, he revealed a Democrat staffer contacted “fired” Ukrainian ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, by email and asked for some time to discuss a “delicate” issue days after “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella filed his complaint against Pres. Trump.

What makes this a story is that the former ambassador lied under oath, claiming she never responded to the email request, when in fact, she did.

It keeps getting better and better. I think we know who is the dangerous people in our country are. They are trying to destroy the president, and it time we all demand our congress get behind him and stop this insanity.

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Every morning one wakes up to more Democrat trash “witch hunt,” and it’s getting old and is dangerous for our country because all that is happening is corrupt socialist democrat are attempting to overthrow our election and President all based on lies to hide there own personal filth and corruption.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, a key witness in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, communicated via her personal email account with a Democratic congressional staffer concerning a “quite delicate” and “time-sensitive” matter — just two days after the whistleblower complaint that kickstarted the inquiry was filed, and a month before the complaint became public, emails obtained Thursday by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show.

The emails appear to contradict Yovanovitch’s deposition on Capitol Hill last month, in which she told U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., about an email she received Aug. 14 from the staffer, Laura Carey — but indicated under oath that she never responded to it.

The communication came “from the Foreign Affairs Committee,” and “they wanted me to come in and talk about, I guess, the circumstances of my departure,” Yovanovitch testified, describing Carey’s initial email. “I alerted the State Department, because I’m still an employee, and so, matters are generally handled through the State Department.”

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Yovanovitch continued: “So, she emailed me. I alerted the State Department and, you know, asked them to handle the correspondence. And, she emailed me again and said, you know, ‘Who should I be in touch with?'”

Fox News is told it is a breach of normal procedure for congressional staff to reach out to a current State Department employee at their personal email address for official business. [Fox News]

This whole process is a complete charade – Quid Pro Quo is what makes the world go around. I am sure it would not be too hard to find anything in the Obama, Clinton, Bush transcripts of calls – all you need to do is look. The only difference is there were not “concerned” whistleblowers (rats) who would be willing to testify on hearsay. Oh yeah, you also need completely corrupt House Judicial and Foreign Affairs committees.

The President is well within his rights to set foreign policy and hire or fire Ambassadors to represent our country. It would seem with this revelation that the President, yet again, made the right call. The woman is a liar. The bureaucrats are not in charge, although they believe they are. The President threatens their employment existence, and they don’t like it.

The lies and illegal actions that are being initiated by the unhinged Washington Democrats and their deep-state lackeys against our President and the American People are now beginning to implode on themselves. I believe that justice will prevail on the side of the President….and those who are genuinely responsible for this pathetic coup attempt should be tried for their malicious and deviant actions.

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We scream about Republicans in Congress unwilling to do their job, but I don’t see anyone marching on Washington right now. And yes, it IS our job to take our Republic in our own hands from time to time, and fix what is wrong.

We need to mobilize the people and March on DC peacefully while demanding Justice and fairness! If even 20% of Trump’s supporters did this, and sit in, it would make a huge difference.

We need to organize the masses and exercise our constitutional rights.



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