Alyssa Milano — If I Were Jeb Bush, I’d Seriously Be Considering Challenging Trump In 2020

Alyssa Milano has no qualms about openly displaying her lack of intelligence at any opportunities.

As if Milano did not have anything else to do,  she tweeted  Jeb Bush should be thinking about challenge and Pres. Donald Trump in 2020.

She picks the worst performing candidate who received 1% to Trumps 40% in 2015/16 and thinks she is smart for suggesting it? This shows how out of touch with reality she is.

Yeah, Jeb! ought to run because a far-left actress suggested it. That would give him a jump start to winning the hearts of GOP voters. Jeb! couldn’t beat Trump in 2016 despite having loads of money and being the original frontrunner. Now that the President has a great record to run on, low-energy Jeb! would do even worse.

Remember how Jeb! spent 100 million dollars and didn’t win a single primary. Milano isn’t even close to using her thinking skills.

The best line in the debates was when Trump told Jeb when we started; you were standing next to me. Now you’re at the end. Next, you’ll be off the stage. And he was.

We know why the communist Democrats want Jeb or any other RINO to run against Pres. Trump. They are hoping against hope that he will be replaced and the communist Dems nominee can win.

Because with the circus clowns they have put up so far there is very little chance they can beat Trump without major cheating and stealing the election.

Time to pass a new Amendment to the Constitution: No one who is a Bush, Clinton, or Obama or is related to any Bush, Clinton or Obama may run for President, or any office in the United States Congress, or any office in any state or county in the United States of America. Ever.

If you asked me, Milano should speak out about all of the child sex abuse in her industry. It hasn’t been addressed. #Metoo is a cover for the bad behavior of men but does not address the rampant pedophilia in media/entertainment. It’s festering like an infected wound. It must be addressed.


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