Alyssa Milano Dead Serious About Trump Using “Cult-Like Force”

The only way he “controls minds” is by doing everything he promised and doing it well. Anyone with a reasoning mind knows this.

There must be a virus going around in Hollywood, CA. Most that live near there are affected by it, and it makes their brain disappear from their head or disables the many functions we use every day.

This is what the Left has become, pretty all of them too. No matter how ridiculous the thought this “mind control” is by Milano, President Trump will always be demonized with fake hatred because Hillary Clinton couldn’t win the 2016 Presidential election.

Source: CNS News

Last Wednesday, in an interview with MSNBC, Milano expressed she was “filled with a lot of rage” at the White House for backing President Trump’s comments concerning Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual allegations against now Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh.

She was angered when the President said that men were having a hard time right now because of the new “culture” of “guilty until proven innocent.”

“I feel as though he is completely and totally belittling the intelligence of the American people,” said Milano.

When MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle let her know that a “huge portion” of the population agreed with the things Trump has said, Milano replied, “Do they agree with him? Or is he using some sort of like cult-like force, to, to try to make them see that?”

She was dead serious by the way — and I mean, dead serious. Ruhle’s facial reaction to that comment says it all.

That’s their game plan. Accuse the other side of all the things you’re guilty of yourself because you’re doing these things yourself, you’ll appear to be knowledgeable. Remember weak minds will fall into the trap.
Kind of like a cult following.

This is what happens when you drink too much liberal Kool-Aid, you project your cult’s sins onto other groups. Nasty stuff, that Kool-Aid: more dangerous than synthetic opioids. I’ve heard, it makes you see evil in others that aren’t there.

Alyssa – all you need is a roll of aluminum foil, and you can make yourself a nifty hat to protect those elevated thoughts of yours. Make more and sell them to your friends.

Tell them you saw this on the internet so it must be true.

One more thing. If President Trump can control minds, I want more of it. I had a headache for eight years under Barack Obama and on election night 2016 it suddenly went away and I watched as he transferred it to Hillary’s snowflakes crying and beside themselves. I loved every minute of it.

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