Gloria Allred Won’t Admit Judge Moore’s Signature Is Authentic!

Gloria Allred made a HUGE mistake by trotting out this obvious phony in front of the cameras and allowing her to tell a lie after lie that is so easily proven false.

Also, let’s be serious. Beverly Nelson was a horrific actress, and even the fanatic skeptic is saying her performance wasn’t even close to being credible.

Someone needs to tell Gloria if Judge Roy Moore files suit against her client, it will be part of the first request for production of documents. I am guessing Gloria didn’t tell Beverly Nelson that possibility even existed that the Judge might file a civil suit against her? Someone is going down, and Moore looks safe to me.

In the video below, Allred refused to answer a direct question from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about whether the accuser’s yearbook is a forgery in the Moore allegations.

Listen to the end. She states the yearbook will only be turned over for examination if the Senate holds hearings on Moore. They have no jurisdiction so that won’t be happening.

She doesn’t want a Senate hearing because she wants this investigation conducted in a professional setting, she wants it because she’s stalling for time to ruin any chance of Roy Moore getting elected. She did the same thing parading women, crying their crocodile tears, before the MSM a couple of weeks before the presidential election; then once the election was over, never heard another word from any of them. Allred’s reputation precedes her.

Allred knows damn well that there can not be a Senate hearing within any time frame in Congress to happen. It would have to be approved by the Senate which would take weeks to schedule than the waiting period for the facts to be presented, well past any election.

The false accusations are falling apart, and Gloria needs to be brought up on charges. This is a “hit job, ” and they got caught. Why does this Allred even allowed to practice law?

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Wayne Dupree

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