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AG Barr — I’m Not Recusing Myself From Mueller Investigation

Attorney General William Barr made it clear, he was not going to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.

Barr has heard it from Democrats as of late as they are worried about Mueller’s findings. According to Roll Call, based on Barr’s track record, stemming from when he was AG under President George H. Bush; “he seems inclined to follow the Justice Department’s guidelines that a sitting president can’t be indicted.”

During his Senate confirmation hearing, Barr did not commit to recusing himself. “I will seek the advice of the career ethics personnel, but under the regulations, I make the decision as the head of the agency as to my own recusal,” he told the Judiciary Committee in January.

Some Democrats have called for his recusal due to his past criticism of Mueller’s investigation.

That means if Mueller or investigators in New York’s federal Southern District find the president broker federal laws, Barr would not sign off on charging Trump.

“That makes it a political decision,” the GOP source said. “And [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi hasn’t given us any reason to think she’s going to bring articles if impeachment if the votes for removal aren’t there in the Senate.”

What in the world does he have to recuse himself from?

I’m hoping he goes medieval on the illegally obtained FISA warrant and the election interference of the Barack Obama administration, the Hillary campaign, the DNC, FBI and CIA leadership, including Mueller.

We’re being censored by social media and need your help to continue to fight against the opposition media lies.

Barr got a lot of criticism here when he was appointed, but he had one attribute which was probably the single most crucial thing when Trump nominated him: He has long been a strong advocate of an Executive Branch of the U.S. government that would operate with no interference from Congress except for funding and Senate confirmations.

How many times can I say, Jeff Sessions should have stayed a Senator and been a connection to help things move along in Congress. That’s where I thought his strength was.

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