After Water Attacks, NY Dems Are FIGHTING Proposed Bill To Punish Those Who Target Cops

During the past month, New York law enforcement officers have been attacked by citizens who doused them with water, and not in a playful manner.

New York Republican lawmakers are introducing legislation that would penalize anyone throwing water “or any other substance” on a police officer with a class E felony and could receive jail time. Democrats in the state think that punishment is too severe and are fighting it before it comes up for a vote.

This disturbing behavior of disrespectful hooligans attacking the cops — who were merely taking care of business — caused a major protest across the nation. Think about it. You have volunteer peace officers, many who give back to the community, being attacked in such a vicious fashion. Of course, law-abiding citizens who expressed outrage would be justified to be angry.

How would the anti-police, moron de Blasio like it if his NYPD decided NOT to respond to calls at all until HE comes forth with a firm policy to support the police; i.e., legislation to make it a criminal offense to assault any on-duty police officer carrying out his/her duties?

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The surreal scene was the epitome of irreverence toward our men in blue, which NYC Scanner pointed out on Twitter.


Assemblyman Mike LiPetri, who introduced the bill, told Fox News in an interview Thursday that there are signs the bill has some bipartisan support from some Democrats — particularly in the state Senate — but acknowledged early signs of other Democrats pushing back in the Assembly.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who will decide whether the bill gets brought up for a vote, indicated his opposition to the measure this week.

But I don’t know if always proposing new penalties and laws [is the answer] … I think on the positive end we should continue to try and establish more of a community and police response,” he said, according to The New York Post. “I think that’s more beneficial instead of always saying ‘we are going to lock people up.’’

I think people should respect the police department, but I think Police should also respect communities,” he added. [Fox News]

How would the people brazenly assault the police officers like it if the police officers defended themselves by shooting their attackers with a taser? Or what if they decided to use tear gas against their attackers? Let’s see how the criminals would like living in the jungle of their creation. The criminals seem to be running the prison. Time to turn the tables on them.

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If you take anything away from this story, it would be that Dems feel it is okay to throw a substance on the police so in turn, I guess it is okay to throw the same substances on state politicians who will then show more respect to the thrower and his district, am I right?

How about a counteroffer? Since these communities allegedly hate the police presence, don’t respect them, and don’t want them around, pull the police from those communities, refuse all calls. Let them solve their problems; they are not worth the life of a single cop.

There is no reason ever to throw anything at the police. And people wonder why we all don’t live together in bliss. It astounds me that the police have to put with citizenry like this to keep their jobs and pensions. How do folks expect grace and forbearance from the police when they are permitted to denigrate them?

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