After Tax Show, Rachel Maddow Lost Two Millions Viewers In One Day

Rachel Maddow will no doubt turn this into apple pie, but common sense Americans know she screwed up this past week with her audience.

Maddow lost over two million viewers the next night after her juggernaut, highly publicized dud of a program where she promoted releasing Donald Trump tax returns.

It ended up with her only producing one year, and that wasn’t even complete. She also killed the liberal narrative that Trump never paid taxes.

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Source: Fox News

“The Rachel Maddow Show” saw its ratings plummet 36 percent on Wednesday, compared to the prior night.

That drop was even sharper in the key demographic of 25 to 54-year-olds, the viewership of which fell 54 percent, Sandra Smith reported.

Maddow received criticism from all sides after she and journalist David Cay Johnston revealed Trump’s tax forms on national television.

Geraldo Rivera said it was Maddow’s “Al Capone’s Vault” moment, referencing a 1986 report in which he opened the mobster’s vault live, to find little of value.

On “The O’Reilly Factor,” Bill O’Reilly said Maddow’s broadcast is the latest event in a “circus of ideology and cynicism” surrounding the president.

I love how Fox News did this piece. It’s almost like they are digging at Maddow with real news, however.

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