Brawl For It All! WATCH Parents Get In Physical Altercation At Children’s Softball Game

Why do children act like they do in today’s society? Because they are being raised by taller children, who have no common sense.

This video shows grown adults who for some reason believe it’s ok to show their stupidity, rolling on the ground, fighting like it was some movie cue for the wild west. Do you know who this hurts? The children.

Source: NY Post

A bizarre brawl broke out between parents of two rival softball teams at a youth tournament in Kingsport, Tenn.

Cellphone footage of the incident posted on Facebook shows a gaggle of parents rolling around on the side of a hill near the field, while others stood to the side. The video lasts 54 seconds and ends with both sides of the fight just milling around.

The teams were there for a 12-and-under tournament sponsored by USA Softball.

Tournament director Tina Gale told WJHL that both of the teams involved in the fight were from North Carolina, and both have been barred from future competitions.

The Kingsport Police Department responded to the incident, but no one was charged and no injuries were reported, according to the Kingsport Times-News.

Kids are going to watch this, and some will be embarrassed. Other kids will feel encouraged to do the same thing and possibly become bullies in their neighborhood, knowing their fathers will more than likely back them up when the time came.

Each of these men should have been arrested and placed in holding cells for about a week. That will show the children there are consequences when grown adults act senselessly.

What did you think when you saw the video clip? Do you think a week’s incarceration should be levied on them as a proper punishment? SHARE your conclusions below.

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