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[VIDEO] Furious American Confronts Adam Schiff Inside Spartanburg Airport ‘Why Did You Lie to Congress?’

Embattled and disgraced Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, who is still suffering massive backlash after he lied before Congress during a Trump impeachment hearing, was confronted by an angry citizen at the airport, who wanted to know why he lied.

Schiff used his opening statement to read a totally fabricated version of the Trump-Ukraine phone call on live TV. He only admitted it was a “parody” after he received tremendous backlash.

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President Trump called for Schiff to be removed from Congress and arrested for treason.

President Donald Trump and his allies on Monday ratcheted up their campaign against Rep. Adam Schiff as the White House’s Ukraine scandal entered its second week — with Trump again suggesting the House Intelligence chairman committed treason.

Locked in a defensive crouch and staring down an impeachment inquiry, Trump continued to batter the California Democrat for allegedly mischaracterizing his July phone call with newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. [Politico]

A motion to condemn and censure Schiff for his shocking and desperate stunt was introduced by AZ Rep. Biggs. But truthfully, Schiff should have been removed from his post by the scruff of his pencil neck.

While traveling through the airport in Greenville – Spartanburg, a Trump-supporter ran into Schiff and demanded to know why the congressman lied on camera last week.

Here’s what the Trump supporter said in a tweet:

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‘So, flying out of Greenville – Spartanburg tonight. Who is at my gate? Adam Schiff the biggest liar in DC! Can’t even answer simple questions about his lies last week on camera. What a beta, can’t defend himself when confronted. And his aid called me a c******r off cam.’

You can watch the video below:

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