Actress Says Ivanka, Melania Not Good Role Models; Will Still Support Hillary For 2020 Run

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and actress Chloe Grace Moretz is well on her way to licking windows on the long bus after this ignorant statement.

Is it Chloe’s right to say this publicly? Can Chloe say anything she wants, whenever she wants? Sure she can. Can you weigh in and say she’s crazy for her train of thought? Of course, you can.

Moretz, a Hollywood actress, whose most popular film role was as a prostitute playing along side legend Denzel Washington in 2014 movie The Equalizer,  decided to weigh in on politics and after reading her statement, I think it’s safe to say, she shouldn’t quit her day job.

Moretz chided Melania and Ivanka Trump as victims, not being able to break free of President Donald Trump. Moretz feels both strong women are weak and puppets in Trump’s world. Her thinking tells you all you need to know about how liberals view life and should have their voting rights taken away until they grow up, but then again, I digress.

Source: Daily Caller

“I hate to see any woman not speaking up for themselves and what they believe in,” she added. “I wish they were more aware of their surroundings, and I wish they were more aware of what their husband and father are doing. It pains me to see people who are just speaking through this veiled curtain of privilege and they have no compass of what is real.

I think that young women deserve better role models,” she continued. “And I hate to see the way that Melania is treated — I think that she is treated really badly, and I hate to see a woman who is not respected by her own husband, and a daughter who doesn’t see that she is disrespected by her father. I think that’s really sad. I think they’re also products of mental manipulation. You can’t see the forest through the trees when you’re that deep.”

Moretz, a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter in 2016, said she plans to be involved in politics again in 2020 and dreams Clinton will run again.

“I’ll support whoever is the best candidate and support whoever I really connect to and who will be perfect for our presidency,” the “Kick Ass” star explained. “In my dream of dreams, I’m still like, ‘Hillary, maybe you’ll run again!‘”

Check out this interview segment:

Yeah, ok.

Moretz hasn’t lived life yet, and she’s given advice she knows nothing about. Melania and Ivanka are beautiful, strong and powerful women and Moretz will probably never reach their level.

This is why we find our country in shambles after Barack Obama, as the liberal agenda wages war on individuals who use common sense for thinking. If you just pop off at the mouth without thinking, I guess you are part of their crew. I am happy that my name isn’t on that team.

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