UK/African Songwriter Wants Ancestors To Reign Down Voodoo Magic On Trump; Twitter Responds Quickly!

Cynthia Erivo is a no-name music artist who claims to be a Nigerian Brit living in the USA who has seemingly asked for witch doctors to place a voodoo curse on President Trump.

I wonder if this high priestess has been to Salem lately? I heard they are ramping up witch trials fairly soon.

Erivo is responding to Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin’s assertion that President Trump called Africa a sh**hole country in a closed-door meeting. Let me also add two Republican Senators were also present and they claim not to have heard that language.

I am positive President Trump is shivering in terror knowing that some half-baked Nigerian actress is using voodoo and black magic to cast a spell on him, NOT! And with such giant intellects as this girl child, you need to wonder why those countries have never advanced past sh**hole? I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest Trumps Ju-Ju is more powerful than hers.

If the ancestors are so effective, why doesn’t she call on them to fix the ills of Africa? They could start with public infrastructures such as clean water and sanitation.

Here’s what she started:

Here are some reactions to the voodoo queen asking her Gods to react and take their vengeance on Trump.

Hollywood already did the witchcraft thingy, remember? It all bounced off and came back to them — fires, mudslides, scandals, etc. This stupid girl does not grasp she is damning herself to a curse from GOD by invoking witchcraft and then in the next breath invoking how she believes in Jesus.

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So she’s just proving Trump’s point. Why do we want a bunch of “joo joo voodoo” immigrants casting dizzy spells in our country?

Why must we endure the crazy lefties when a Republican wins the presidency? This is why we don’t want to bring these people into our country on a pathway to citizenship. Statistics show that they vote Democrat for two generations, then they finally figure it out who the Democrats are.

Republican Senators Suggest Trump Didn’t Use Language Sen. Durbin Claims He Did!

An entire country can be ruined in that time frame, which we have seen from the ruination of eight years of the Obama administration. An example or two- corruption of our main law enforcement agencies and intelligence services, the federal judges, our health care system is significantly downgraded, etc.

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