Actor Sizemore Was Removed From 2003 Movie Set After Touching Genitals of 11-Year-Old

Hollywood tough guy, Tom Sizemore’s name, just showed up on the radar of crazy allegations and this one seems to be true.

Sizemore is accused of touching an 11-year-old genitals, during a movie set in Utah. It was reported and he was asked to leave the set. This information has been quiet for years since it happened in 2003. Here’s something of note, the parents decided not to press charges and he returned back to acting months later.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Actor Tom Sizemore was told to leave a Utah film set in 2003 after an 11-year-old actress told her mother that he had touched her genitals, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Months later, he returned for reshoots in Malibu after her parents declined to press charges. The incident has never been revealed publicly.

When contacted, the now 26-year-old former actress, whom THR is not identifying at her request, declined to address the matter except to note that she’s recently hired a lawyer to explore legal action against the actor as well as her parents. Sizemore declined to address the situation. “Our position is ‘no comment,'” says his agent Stephen Rice.

Why would she seek legal action against the actor now when her parents decided not to back in 2003? She’s 26 and I am sure when she hit the legal age she could have filed charges but she chose not to.

THR spoke to a dozen people involved with the production of the film, a crime thriller called Born Killers (shot as Piggy Banks). They confirmed Sizemore was sent home over the alleged incident. According to these cast- and crewmembers, rumors swirled and emotions rose on set over what had allegedly transpired.

Sizemore, notorious for his long rap sheet that includes charges of drug use and battery against women, has not previously been accused of molestation.

Sizemore is said to have denied the young actress’ claim as soon as he was confronted with it. His management firm Untitled and talent agency CAA quietly dropped him shortly afterward. He’s currently repped by the boutique firm Pantheon.

I am not calling Sizemore a saint, not even close to it. He’s been in jail and he served time for some rough stuff but I don’t understand the call to justice now when this could have been done when she became an adult. Did she forget about it? I am trying to understand this the best way I know how.

Corey Feldman has come out with information about a Hollywood Sex Ring that preys on the children of the industry. I am not adding Tom’s name to that but we can’t discount it, correct?

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