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Acting Attorney General Past Op-Ed; “I Would Indict Hillary Clinton”

You know, there may be a time when Democrats are going to realize they were probably better without the House.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is now in place to be top cop. He seems like he is a no-nonsense DoJ member who believes in the law. He didn’t like how Hillary Clinton got away under former FBI director James Comey and wrote a scathing op-ed detailing his thoughts.

This is a warning shot to the Democrats, try anything other than political theater in your investigations of President Trump, and Hillary Clinton is going on trial for her gross negligence. This is what I call 3-D chess.

Here’s what’s funny to a point. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was effectively defrocked by the appointment of Whitaker, instead of being fired his office has been moved to a closet where he can contemplate his shortcomings for eternity.

He will slowly go even crazier than he already is! He is now a non-entity!

Source: USA Today (via Matthew Whitaker)

According to FBI Director James Comey’s statement on Tuesday, former secretary of State Hillary Clinton could have been charged with violating several different code sections, and he detailed the evidence that supports bringing criminal charges

Yet, Director Comey’s judgment was that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring the case. I disagree. I believe myself to have been a reasonable prosecutor, and when the facts and evidence show a criminal violation has been committed, the individuals involved should not dictate whether the case is prosecuted.

One statute that Secretary Clinton could be charged with violating is 18 U.S.C. section 793(f). Under this section, a prosecutor must prove that:

  • The person had lawful possession of information relating to national defense.
  • Through gross negligence that person permits that information to be removed from its proper place of custody (or given to someone else, or lost, or stolen).

Although it might be intuitive that a secretary of State lawfully possess information that relates to national defense, the facts laid out by Director Comey also establish that this is exactly the type of information in this case.

Of the emails either turned over or recovered by the FBI, 110 contained information that was classified at the time it was sent or received, of which eight email chains contained information that was top secret at the time it was sent.

The facts also show it was gross negligence when she removed the information from State Department security. Secretary Clinton made the decision to use a personal email system, one that had inferior security to the State Department’s or even another commercial vendor’s email service.

I had figured for some time that keeping the Senate was key because it’s only the upper house that approves appointments so that Trump can overhaul the Justice Department with an enlarged majority, even get another special counsel appointed to look into Hillary’s hanky-panky and the Democrat cover-up.

A reasonable prosecutor may ask, if on numerous occasions, an unknown State Department employee had taken top secret information from a secured system, emailed that information on a Gmail account, and stored the information on a personal server for years, would that individual be prosecuted? I believe they would.

Trump is ingenious. He did not need the House. He just needs a Senate to back his Attorney General appointment. With four additional Senators, the sell-out Republicans are irrelevant. But the new hires owe Trump and will back whatever he does.

Someone I follow has repeatedly said ‘these people are stupid,’ and it’s true. The House was bait and Democrats took it. Now they have to show some bipartisan efforts otherwise they will be destroyed.

With Whitaker in place, if Democrats start going after Trump with investigations, he will be unleashed to go after Hillary with reckless abandon. They have to start working now. But how many will still be there in office after the FISA truth and other components are released? Many may be locked up.

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