Acosta’s Colleagues Not Happy With His Performance; “Jim Is A Stunt Dummy”

Arrogant CNN reporter Jim Acosta has a problem at the home office. His colleagues are speaking against him behind the scenes, and I think it’s funny.

Acosta has been simply rude to the White House press secretaries, namely Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer and it came to a head with Stephen Miller just a couple of days ago.

It’s not even about asking questions either. Acosta wants to talk about whoever is at the podium, and when he’s listening to the answer, he’ll continually talk over them also.

Watching it on video is worse especially for us, the viewer. We’re watching someone who doesn’t have respect for the press briefings or the President Of the United States and his staff.

The Washington Examiner has informed its readers that some of Acosta’s co-workers think he’s angling for his show on the network which is why this reporter nobody cared about or noticed is using his newly found hateful attitude to make a name for himself.

Source: Washington Examiner

One of Acosta’s colleagues, an on-air conservative political commentator for CNN, said he sees an ulterior motive in Acosta’s actions. He said Acosta’s widely noticed clashes with the White House give the impression that he wants a new role at the network.

He’s angling to host an opinion show,” he said. “These [White House] briefings are his auditions.”

Another CNN employee in Washington, D.C. made it clear that Acosta’s outbursts aren’t as popular behind the scenes as CNN sometimes makes them out to be on the air.

Ugh, just ugh,” a producer told the Washington Examiner when asked about Acosta.

Acosta’s outspoken criticism has rubbed some of Acosta’s media colleagues the wrong way.

John Podhoretz, an anti-Trump writer at the conservative Commentary magazine, called Acosta’s line of questioning Wednesday at the White House about immigration “so obnoxious.”

Even some within CNN take issue with his performance.

Jim is a stunt dummy,” one CNN producer said in describing Acosta.

I think the White House should stop calling on Acosta for a couple of weeks. This will take him down a peg or two and allow other journalists to ask questions properly and in the right fashion.

If Acosta can’t play by the rules, he doesn’t need to be on the field with the team is playing. We’ve seen this before, and we don’t need to continue watching hateful reporters try to create their narratives to become giants of misinformation in the industry.

What do you think about Acosta’s colleagues skinny on his character? Are they close to target? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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