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Acosta: Do You Just Want People To Come In From Just Caucasian Countries; Watch Trump Reaction

Today, CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked Trump if he wanted “…just Caucasians to come to this country.” Trump told him to “out.”

When do we stop marveling at the degree of their bad behavior and start talking consequences? They’ve overplayed their shock value – no one is shocked anymore. We want appropriate consequences to be applied now.

We all know CNN would not have the ratings it has if bars, pubs, diners, and airports with TVs set on CNN with no one paying attention were not included.

Acosta was speaking with Wolf Blitzer in the video segment below when the played the tape of Acosta trying to get a question in with the President who answered him but then Acosta got indignant in front of guests and asked if Trump would rather the United States take in Caucasians. Who among you would allow that to happen? That was disrespect of the highest order.

“As I tried to ask whether he wanted more people to come in just from white or caucasian countries, he said, ‘out,’” Acosta said. “He pointed to me and said, out, as in get out of the Oval Office.”

He pointed to you Jim because you and only you disrespected our leader with that stupid ass question. That was uncalled for, and I wish the White House would remove his press pass. Forget the consequences, remove Acosta’s pass and give it to someone else. If these yahoos can’t be respectful especially when we have out-of-country guests, why give them the platform to be disrespectful?

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CNN continues to use vulgar language during their telecasts, without a care in the world that young kids are in ear length of at airports and doctor offices. They need to be called out for their hypocrisy and fined each time they have used the word sh**hole.

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