Take Another Look At The Acosta “Chop” On Young WH Aide; His Media Friends Are Defending This!

Whoever feels the freedom of the press means you can stand up and disrupt a press briefing given by the President has got it all wrong.

On Wednesday, during an impromptu press conference, CNN’s Jim Acosta and President Trump got into a heated debate when the reporter about the migrant caravan. Acosta went in a negative direction, and Trump responded and tried to move on to another reporter, but Acosta didn’t want to give up the mic.

Why does CNN have a special right or guaranteed place? Waiting..

Think about it like this. Why should CNN be allowed a press pass period? Jim Acosta is an extension of the entire network whose sole purpose these days is to fight Pres. Trump to create news instead of reporting news for the American people.

Acosta obviously has zero respect for anyone including the intern so just what entitles him to access? Allow CNN to substitute someone in his place. Simple really, he has become a major embarrassment.

Jim kept her from doing the job she is required to do with contact with her arm. He had his turn, it went south, and he didn’t want to give up the mic. I don’t believe it was on purpose but more reactionary but still it was in poor taste.

Source: Fox News

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta was captured struggling with an unidentified White House aide for possession of a microphone while he attempted to ask President Trump questions during Wednesday’s press conference.

“Honestly, I think you should let me run the country and you run CNN,” Trump told Acosta.

The reporter tried to ask him another question before a female White House aide walked over to him.

Trump then told him, “That’s enough!”

Acosta continued to try to talk as the aide was seen trying to take the microphone from his hand. She grabbed the microphone but Acosta wouldn’t give it up.

Even with that, I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, Acosta would push his mother to the ground to keep the camera on himself. He wanted the coverage POTUS consistently gets, to reflect on himself in a victimhood sort of way.

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