ACLU Just Lost Their Minds! They’re Teaching Anti-Trump Supporters To Do This!

On Saturday, the ACLU kicked off their new anti-Trump “Resistance Training” program called “People Power.”

It included a 78-minute live town hall event in Miami, Florida.

According to its Twitter page, People Power is fighting against Trump’s policies.

We’re a new grassroots campaign taking the fight against Donald Trump’s policies beyond the courts and into the streets. Join us!

Ronald Newman, ACLU’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, said over 2,200 events nationwide watched the town hall.

He explained what the live event included.

During the March 11 event livestreamed from Miami, we provided a Freedom Cities Action Guide to the People Power team, which included a plan for activists to use in their local communities, along with useful strategic and tactical advice.

Over 170,000 individuals have signed up to join People Power since its debut.

A “Freedom Cities” campaign had also been announced, which “provides a concrete plan for the People Power team to play offense in cities and towns across the country.”

Newman says the first issue they are going after Trump on is immigration. As expected, the ACLU is calling it “Muslim Ban 2.0” even though the executive order is just a 90-day freeze.

Plus, it does not discriminate against any religion, contrary to what liberals claim.

After they bragged about stopping Trump’s first executive order, they think they can do it again.

And Executive Director Anthony Romero pleads others to join the movement, saying “We need you.”

I won’t be joining your fraudulent group, Romero.

The ACLU spends more time filing bogus lawsuits than improving society. Their latest “Resistance Training” is just more garbage aimed at pushing a liberal agenda.

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