ABC’s The Conners Soon To Be Goners! Actors To Take Paycuts As Ratings Dip!

We knew The Connors was going to fail without Roseanne Barr, but we didn’t think it was going to happen this fast but it makes sense.

The show writers and executives are trying to make money off of a show created by someone that is no longer with the show. They destroyed the family unit with a lie and used drugs to do it. They went after Roseanne after an ill-advised tweet that she apologized for, but ABC was too high and mighty to accept it.

Now we’re learning that the stars have to have their paychecks cut because they are losing money with the quickness.

Good. Start by cutting their pay. Then in a week or two cancel the show. It couldn’t happen to a better bunch of back-stabbing ungrateful lousy actors, notably Sara Gilbert. Roseanne was there for all of them. When she needed some support, they ran away like the cockroaches they are. Some of them will not find work again.

I might be over the top with this, but I genuinely believe everyone connected to this lame shoe owes their plush lives to Roseanne. Their lack of loyalty is numbing. After seeing what others on TV say about our President and others that’s incited violence with nothing done, what Roseanne said was a nothing burger.

Source: Radar Online

John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf have learned Roseanne Barr‘s absence could have a dramatic effect on their wallets!

The Straight Shuter podcast reports The Conners is already in trouble without controversial comedian Barr around Opens. Ratings are decreasing every week, and the stars’ paychecks might soon follow suit.

With the sitcom’s ratings dropping to 7 million, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf “are too expensive to keep around,” a source told Straight Shuter. “They both earn $375,000 an episode, a number that was negotiated before the Roseanne scandal.”

“Now that the audience has disappeared along with the star, the only way to keep the show profitable is to ask both John and Laurie to take a pay cut,” the source noted.

But a decrease in the pair’s check sizes may not be enough to increase the chances the show will survive.

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Let’s be serious, this show’s high ratings were due to Roseanne delivering truth through television to the starving Patriots. What Patriots need to know if they don’t care about ratings or this country. They certainly don’t want a show that delivers truth they stopped it in its tracks.

I could’ve told the producers from the get-go that this idea was a loser, that the show wouldn’t make it. Would’ve saved them a lot of money and effort. Who’s running ABC anyway? Who approved this bad decision and the previous bad decision to fire Roseanne? Doesn’t anyone have free speech anymore without getting their shorts in a wad? Whoever is running ABC and approved this sitcom is way overpaid.

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