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ABC Reporter Claims SCOTUS Protest Crowd Wasn’t As Bad As Fox News Reporter Claimed

ABC Reporter Terry Moran just called out Fox News reporter Shannon Bream on how she described her situation on Monday night at the SCOTUS steps.

Moran went out of his way to call Bream a liar, but I have a question for Moran. Fox News is targeted by liberal groups all the time. Could it have been a terrible situation for her and not ABC News.

Terry doesn’t report how these animals view him as one of their group anyway.

He was saying that she didn’t have to leave and made much ado about nothing. During the riots here in Baltimore, I was asked to be on a Fox News interview around the place of the riots. I met the Fox News contact, but it was sort of hard because the van didn’t have the Fox News logo. On top of that, the camera guy didn’t have Fox News gear or logos.

I realized they were protecting themselves from danger as they would have been targeted by the mob if recognized. Bream probably felt the same way and moved inside, but that doesn’t give Moran the right to place the liar label on her because he didn’t feel that type of atmosphere.

Source: Mediaite

After Fox News host Shannon Bream claimed protests at the Supreme Court last night were threatening and “very volatile,” Terry Moran of ABC News pushed back and said he “felt no threat” during the event.

“I was broadcasting from the SCOTUS plaza until 11:00PM that night,” Moran said in a quote-tweet of Bream’s post. “The protests were raucous; chants, posters and bullhorns on both sides. But I found it very democratic, all-American. I saw pro-choice and pro-life demonstrators arguing—passionately but civilly. I felt no threat.”

Pro-abortion and anti-abortion demonstrators were present outside the Supreme Court last night, with both sides flaunting signs in support of their cause.

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I didn’t see Moran at a Trump rally, and I sure don’t see him in the black community where the gangs are. They would surround him in all-American, democratic protests to and I am sure he would run for the hills.

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How many of you think this is a little bit too much from this ABC reporter? Share your comments below.

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