ABC Stages Reunion Of Deported Illegal Alien And Family; He’s Only Been Gone Three Days

The video below is just a theatrical mess. CNN interviewed the wife of Jorge a few days ago, but ABC went further by adding in the kids. This guy was here for 30 Years. What did he use for a social security number unless he was given one? Did he get married to an American? How did he do that without legal status? Fake Papers?

Barack Obama could have done anything he wanted to save this man during his first two years, and he did nothing! Why doesn’t Obama care?

But wait. He’s only been gone for two days. This is nothing but theatre to change voters idea of what Congress is going through right now with Democrats trying to force DACA through Congress.

The only person who failed you is YOU and maybe Barack Obama for fooling you into believing that he could arrange it for you to stay.

Damn! Why do people think they can break the law and then just get someone to feel sorry for them to make it all better? You knew what you were doing from the start, and you knew the possible ramifications. You stole an identity to work (unless you’ve never paid taxes) and you raised kids knowing that you might be deported at any time.

The real culprit here is the government of Mexico. EVERYONE (in Mexico) knows that government officials steal rights to natural resources and inhibit freedoms of the people, causing incredible stress. The people who come here are fleeing oppressive poverty and live in circumstances most of us would never agree to abide.

Illegal Alien Cop Killer Laughs In Court, Says He Will Do Again When He Breaks Out

If the government of Mexico cleaned up its act and instituted true freedom, Mexico would be another world powerhouse, and the people would not feel compelled to flee.

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Mexico being the problem is one thing, but watching Jorge looking sad when he had 30 years to fix this doesn’t deserve my tears and won’t get any.

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