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ABC Network Uses Soldier’s Widow To Call Out President Trump; He Responds!

It’s another day which means the networks are continuing to go after President Trump on anything and everything.

The media is trying to kill two birds with one stone here by trying to attack Trump’s connection with the military while using racist overtones with this soldier’s widow in the case where she claims the Commander-in-chief didn’t know her son’s name when he called.

This is a losing argument for both sides, so it’s best both step away from it before the public gets angry both sides.

After this broadcast, President Trump responded on Twitter:

This soldier’s widow shouldn’t be on major TV networks slamming President Trump for a private conversation. Just because she’s black doesn’t mean she’s believable over the President just like he can’t use his status as Commander-in-chief to drown out her claims.

I don’t believe Trump didn’t know the name of the soldier during the call. There’s a checklist on these calls, and that should be at the top.

This is the reason why the network is continuing with this story, to produce responses like this:

President Trump needs to weigh the consequences of continuing to respond to this woman as it will not serve anyone well. She’s digging her hole, and Trump doesn’t need to follow.

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