[VIDEO] ABC’s Martha Raddatz Broadcasts Live From Iran Fawning Over Funeral With Her Head Covered 

Our liberal fake news media has spent the past several days promoting terrorist propaganda on United States airwaves.

Iran is a State Sponsor of Terror. They are an evil, tyrannical regime that hangs people for “suspicion” of being gay and will stone a woman in the public square for not wearing her burqa.

They are a regime of dictators who will kill you in the streets like an animal if you dare protest them.

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As a matter of fact, the terrorist who President Trump killed had just issued a “shoot to kill” order against his own people who were protesting in the streets. Over a thousand people were shot on his order.

Yet, even so, our demented media and disgusting Dems have such a misguided and twisted hate for President Trump that they’re now glorifying this terror regime and the terrorist who killed his own people and hundreds of American citizens and thousands of Syrian children, as a way to “own” Trump.

Trump-hater Martha Raddatz even traveled to Iran to cover the funeral of this monster. Keep in mind, it’s not “easy” for the outside press to get into the country and film. The regime must believe that you’re on their side and will not show anything that could be deemed “negative” against the regime.

But of course, ABC met that criteria easily and Martha’s now there, fawning over the dead terrorist with her head covered in a scarf.

You can watch the video below:

Because you see, if Martha – a lowly woman – refused to cover her head she’d be thrown in prison.

Hopefully, nobody on the ABC crew is gay – because if they are, they’ll be hung in the town square.


But by all means American media – please keep celebrating Iran…You don’t look hypocritical or foolish at all.

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