Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooter Once Arrested For Shooting Bullet Into Neighbor’s Home; Released

The suspect in today’s deadly shooting at the Washington Navy Yard was once arrested for discharging a firearm into the ceiling of his Texas residence, according to police records.

Aaron Alexis, 34, was arrested in September 2010 after his upstairs neighbor called Fort Worth cops to report that a bullet had been shot into her apartment. The round apparently first traveled through her home’s floor and then the ceiling.

The woman, whose name is not listed in a Fort Worth Police Department report, said that she was “terrified” of Alexis, who had previously confronted her about making too much noise. The woman, who was “visibly shaken up” when questioned by police, said that she believed the shooting was “intentional.”

When police confronted Alexis, who is seen in the adjacent mug shot, he claimed that he was cleaning the weapon when it discharged. Alexis told cops that he was cooking at the time and his hands were slippery as he “began to take the gun apart when his hands slipped and pulled the trigger discharging a round into the ceiling.”

Asked why he did not notify police or check on the welfare of his upstairs neighbor, Alexis said that he “didn’t think it went all the way through since he couldn’t see any light through the hole.” Additionally, “In regards to the noise he said he thought that people would just think it was a firecracker.”

An officer noted that, while inside Alexis’s apartment, a dismantled gun covered in oil could be seen.

The local district attorney subsequently declined to file charges against Alexis.

In early-July, a male roommate of Alexis’s called Fort Worth cops to report his suspicion that Alexis “put unknown substance in gas tank to damage vehicle,” according to a July 5 report.

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