SHOCK! 9th Circuit Agrees With Pres. Trump — Build Replacement Wall Along Border

I wasn’t expecting this news so break out the champagne.

The liberal 9th Circuit court, located in California, has ruled that Pres. Trump is correct and justified to build replacement walls along the southern border. This is a massive win for the Trump administration as the 9th Circuit has been a major thorn in the side of Trump’s efforts to fix deteriorating walls and fences which give easy access to illegal aliens trying to enter the country unvetted and unchecked.

All of the lawsuits challenging this move by Pres. Trump learned about this ruling, and no doubt will appeal but for now, build the wall and build it high.

For the 2020 election, I will be more ready next time. We are planning a Trump win party, lots and lots of beer, hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, pork BBQ, chicken, baked beans, chips & dip, potato salad, coeslaw and I have not figured the deserts yet.

“Under the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA), the Secretary of the DHS has long had the authority ‘to install additional physical barriers and roads … in the vicinity of the United States border,’” the 9th Circuit’s opinion states, quoting the IIRIRA.

The IIRIRA grants the secretary of the DHS “the authority to waive all legal requirements” as is “‘necessary to ensure expeditious construction’ of those barriers and roads,” according to the 9th Circuit.

The 9th Circuit’s three-judge panel ruled 2-1 in favor of the federal government. The dissenting judge, Consuelo Callahan, wrote she supported the Trump administration’s argument, but thought the court lacked jurisdiction to review California’s appeal.

The DHS waived provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act and the Coastal Zone Management Act in 2017, expediting approval to begin construction of the border wall prototype and repairs.

Original Story via Daily Caller

In 1986 the Democrats promised to secure our border in exchange for one-time amnesty. Pres. Reagan kept his word, the Democrats lied and did not keep theirs. They had their one time Amnesty. Due to the Democrats not keeping their word, thousands of citizens have died at the hands of illegals.

Tens of thousands of citizens have had crimes committed against them by illegals. The taxpayers have lost trillions of our tax dollars due to the illegals. The blood of citizens is on the hands of the Democrats!

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