95% of Minnesota Democrats Polled Believe Ellison Didn’t Abuse Ex-Girlfriend!

If Rep. Keith Ellison were a Republican a month of attack news coverage would fix this poll.

Over 800 polled Minnesotans say they believe Rep. Keith Ellison’s version of events and not his ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, who claims she was abused by the lawmaker.

Let’s call Monahan before the House Judicial Committee and expose the hypocrisy of the Democrats. Compare and contrast the two accusers’ stories, meaning Christine Blasey Ford.

How many of you find it funny how Monahan, who tells of abuse a few months ago, is a liar, yet the woman accusing Kavanaugh from 35 years ago is telling the truth? Do you liberals yet again fail to see your outright hypocrisy?

Maybe Democrats do believe her, but since she is accusing one of their own (not to mention a famous imam), they have to dismiss her. They have to protect their power at all costs.

Source: Mediaite

According to The Minnesota Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio News, a poll of 800 likely voters have Ellison leading against Republican candidate Doug Wardlow in the state race for attorney general 41-36.

However, the poll asks voters about their views on the abuse allegation made against Ellison by his ex-girlfiend, Karen Monahan.

When asked, “Do you believe her allegation, or not?” 21% of voters say they believe her while 22% say they don’t. 57% of likely voters say they aren’t sure.

But when that question is broken down by party, the numbers take sharp turns.

42% of Republicans say they believe Monahan while 15% don’t and 43% aren’t sure. Among Democrats, only 5% believe his accuser while 30% dismiss the allegation. 65% of Democrats aren’t sure. There’s nearly an even amount of Independent voters who believe or don’t believe Monahan (20%-19%) while 61% are uncertain.

I believe Monahan, but I don’t believe the Kavanaugh accuser. Republicans need to confirm Kavanaugh and move on. Leave the Democrats to stew in their rage. At the rate they’re going, they’re going to self-destruct within a few election cycles.

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