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[VIDEO] Watch: Victim’s Son at 911 Memorial Service Destroys Omar ‘Some People Did Something’

Today is a solemn day for all Americans. It’s a time to reflect on the loss of life we all experienced at the hands of radical Islam, on September 11th, 2001.

The 9-11 ceremony held at Ground Zero each year, serves as a reminder to everyone, so we will #NeverForget the beautiful and innocent souls lost on that horrific day.

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It was also a day to send a very clear message to one anti-American congresswoman.

Nicholas Haros, who is the son of 9-11 victim Francis Haros, read the names of other victims of the attack, while wearing a t-shirt that sent a direct message to Ilhan Omar.

The shirt he wore read “Some People Did Something” and was clearly visible, for all to see.

You’ll recall earlier this year, Ilhan Omar callously dismissed the 911 attacks by saying, “some people did something.” Her comments sparked massive nation-wide outrage.

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But earlier in 2019, freshman Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar angered scores of patriotic citizens for whom the wounds of that day are still fresh. During a fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR,) Omar effectively dismissed the tragic reality of the deadly attack by simply referring to it as a day that “some people did something.”

For such a huge, fateful event to be reduced to such simple terms — such dehumanizing terms — was unfathomable to many. []

We appreciate Mr. Haros holding Ilhan Omar accountable for her hateful and hurtful words that offended so many Americans.

Watch the video of Mr. Haros:

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