8-Year-Old Transgender Sues School Because They Won’t Let Him Be A Girl

The family of a transgender 8-year-old has withdrawn their child from school and filed a lawsuit because they felt their needs weren’t being addressed.

Heritage Oak Elementary School had made the decision to hire a consultant to work on this situation so that it wouldn’t affect the other kids in the school which is the right decision. They even talked to the family of Nicole Brar to discuss accommodations but they were not fast enough and the family withdrew the child and later filed a lawsuit.

I can’t believe this is really happening and this is where our society and culture has lead us. Many find it’s sick and twisted to allow someone to believe they are the opposite sex perpetuating the person’s mental illness while demanding everyone agrees with you. The world has officially lost their mind!

Source: LA Times

The complaint contends that the school violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act, a California law that outlaws a broad range of discrimination, including by sex or sexual orientation, and that it fraudulently advertised itself as nondiscriminatory and focused on the “whole child.”

This is the first [transgender rights] case to use a state anti-discrimination law as one of the grounds for relief,” said Mark Rosenbaum, who directs the pro bono Public Counsel Opportunity Under Law, which has taken on the lawsuit along with several law school professors. “In light of the Trump administration’s inaction on taking a stand against discrimination against trans individuals … this is a terribly important case.”

Asaf Orr, an attorney for the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ transgender youth project, which is not involved in the case, said he believes its argument is sound. “Hopefully this will lead to a larger conversation about what schools need to do to serve transgender students,” he said. “They have to create a private school environment that’s safe and supportive for all students.”

The School responded to the lawsuit:

We believed it was extremely important to respond, not hastily, but with deliberate care, to decide when and how to inform and educate our entire elementary school community of students, staff and parents about the mid-year change of gender identity expression of a young child,” the statement continued. “Due to the sensitivity of the issue and age of the child, we believed we needed expert guidance regarding timing (such as, preparing children for a change they would see in spring semester of second grade and fall semester of third grade), process and age-appropriate communication.”

Here’s my opinion if people and kids need to be identified as another gender well ok! But why do people who don’t agree with this always in the wrong! Why must other children who probably have no idea about this different gender identity stuff have to be subjected to it if they don’t any anything about it! Why push this on every person to accept it!

Genders cannot be changed. It is a biological fact. Any parent that would entertain the notion that his child is any other gender than the one he was born with, is a child abuser. Does that mean if your son prefers to play with Barbies instead of GI Joe’s, he’s a girl? Get a grip.

It works both ways. Now, this kid who probably a lot of classmates may or may not have known his gender will definitely no now! This puts him in a category to be bullied and picked on! Why? Because kids are mean that’s the reality of it! I feel bad for the kid but I also place a lot of blame on the parents.

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