6th-Grade Teacher Caught Having Relations with 13-Year-Old Pleads “Not Guilty””

Doesn’t it seem as if every day we are seeing more stories about how women are becoming equal to men in more ways than one?

On Tuesday many of you chimed in when you learned that a six-grade teacher, Brittany Zamora, had sexual relations with a 13-year-old student. Many of you were angry, many of you demanded immediate action, while a few made jokes, but the consensus is that nobody agreed that this was OK.

Zamora was a former school teacher at Las Brisas Academy Elementary School. She is being charged with two counts of molestation of a child and nine counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and it doesn’t stop there. She also has one count of furnishing harmful material along with an additional count of public sexual indecency.

While researching more about this story, the elementary school principal had heard rumors about a possible relationship between Zamora and her student. After piecing a narrative together speaking to four unidentified students, he reached out to the authorities.

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All told, the relationship allegation seemed to be based on rumors circulating among students. That’s how the principal construed it.

“There were some rumors,” Liberty Elementary School District Superintendent Richard Rundhaug told the outlet. “He looked into those rumors but he felt like in the long run, this was information that you might typically hear from sixth graders.” He said Dickey ran a two-day probe into Zamora. The principal determined that evidence showed the teacher maybe favored the teen, but didn’t show anything illegal.

According to the notes, students confirmed that there were rumors about a relationship. One suggested that “Mrs. Zamora wouldn’t do that.”

The notes were dated Feb. 8.

The principal ended up reporting Zamora to authorities March 21 after the 13-year-old’s parents discovered sexts from Zamora on his phone and Instagram, according to The Arizona Republic.

And another video she asked if she could go home to be with her husband and in this video above she pleaded not guilty. I don’t think this woman is OK mentally.

WATCH THIS: 6th Grade Teacher Arrested! Caught Having Oral Sex With 13-Year-Old Student

There’s something off about her stability that she would have relations with a 13-year-old and then think that she could go home to be with her husband.

What do you think about Zamora pleading not guilty to this case and what do you think will happen if it goes to trial? Sound off in the comment section below.

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