6th Grade Student Captures Teacher Slamming Trump; America Never Been Great For Minorities

Public schools are brainwashing our little ones. Why is this person being allowed to push her political views on our students? This is terrible!

Sixth Grade Teacher, Johnetta Benton went on a 15-minute rant that was recorded by one of her students saying the following: “When my president says let’s Make America Great Again when was he talking about?”

What an asinine statement, truly sad that this person is allowed to pollute young minds. Perhaps she can name a country where minorities do better than here? This person has no business being in the field of “education,” perhaps politics would be more suited to these extremist views.

America has been great for those willing to dream big and then work to make those dreams come true. It was never meant to be a socialist fountain for people to be lazy and collect government checks and Democrats know this or they wouldn’t have the power they have over their voters.

This indoctrination crap inside our taxpayer-funded schools must end, now! This isn’t teaching; it’s opinion based and loose propaganda without consequence. Kids are there to learn, not be indoctrinated by one-sided leftists, any more than they should be somebody on the far, far right, but this leftist junk in our schools is way too prevalent and out of control. If you do not see such, you have no business educating our children!

Talking about it was great segregation in the 50’s. Maybe he is talking about the 70’s. Where we had the black panther movement because people were still not being treated equally. Maybe he is talking about in the 90’s when we had police officers beat and Rodney King in the street. Then in the 2,000s and we still having the same issues. So when my president says let’s make America great again, when was he talking about? He must be talking about when it was great for Europe means. America has never been great for minorities. And even now it makes me go, hmmm, when I’m trying to figure out when was it great?

This teacher should be fired for foisting her personal political beliefs on her students. Indoctrination under the guise of teaching has been going on in our public school system far too long, from elementary through the university system.

It is only great if you and you alone want to make it that way. Anyone can succeed in America if they work hard. Minorities have more opportunities to succeed through scholarships than their counterparts. Quit blaming everyone else for YOUR failures.

I’ll be waiting for the parents to stand up against the school that allows this teacher to preach propaganda.

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