60-Plus Shot in Chicago Over The Weekend — Including 3-year-old Child

The people of Chicago were holding a peace picnic where shots rang out wounding 25 including a young child.

All in all, over 60 were shot over this past weekend as things are not getting better for the windy city. Even as they are trying to do things in a fashion of promoting peace, that is a target for hate and violence.

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Where is Barack Obama? Where is Al Sharpton?? Where is Black Lives Matter? Chicago is a war zone. One thing I noticed about the Chicago carnage week after week. They can’t blame the Confederate flag or White Republicans on these barbaric actions.

If there’s any place that needs mothers and grandmothers to unite it’s Chicago. How much more violence can the men in that town commit before mothers and grandmothers take a stand against it? I just don’t get how they don’t have a voice of outrage over these shootings.

Source: Fox News

Two teens who had been reported missing were among the four people killed and 54 people shot this weekend in Chicago, as the city’s gun violence epidemic continued unabated.

The weekend tally was up compared to the same weekend in 2017, which saw 48 people shot and five killed, officials told Fox News on Monday.

Raysuan Turner, 16, and Darnelle Flowers, 17, were found Sunday night at about 11:57 p.m. shot to death in a field on the Far South Side of the city, police said. They had vanished day earlier, FOX 32 Chicago reported.

Earlier Sunday night, five people were shot after a weekly softball game in the Grand Crossing neighborhood. Police said a group of people had gathered for a game when a black van pulled up and someone in the vehicle opened fire. One of the victims was listed in serious condition, ABC 7 Chicago reported.

A very sad example of a community who fears the vermin in it more than the police and who think the police are worse and won’t lift a finger to help them.

The more you, as a community, let these kinds of things go on without the cooperation of law enforcement to end them, the greater the problem becomes for everyone. This violence isn’t about the Second Amendment or race; it’s about common sense and fighting back against the evil that infects the community. I’m sure the police have an anonymous tip line for crimes committed in Chicago. Individuals devastated by this violence should find a single private moment in their day to make a call and start the city healing.

Why hasn’t Emanuel or the Governor sent in the National Guard and put a curfew in to make an effort in reducing this problem? It seems it might be time for a political change in Illinois and not finger pointing and distrust. This has been going on for years under the eyes of your elected officials. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Something needs to be done, yesterday.

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