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50 Undocumented Border Crossers Stormed Rio Grande Bridge Port Of Entry!! Agents Use TEAR GAS!

On Saturday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents reportedly had to use tear gas and pepper spray to stop nearly 50 “undocumented individuals” from entering the U.S. illegally. Officials claimed they stormed a port of entry at the southern border.

All illegal aliens are subject to deportation regardless of age or country of origin along with the ones “that committed other crimes.” That IS the consequence of coming into this country illegally. DACA is the strongest magnet among many drawing the masses into our country. Congress makes the laws and the executive carries them out. Stop blaming Trump, he is doing his job, Congress isn’t. End DACA, start deportations in mass and make it clear that there will never be another amnesty.

The incident at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge took place at around 4 a.m. The bridge is closed between midnight at 6 a.m., but CBP has had to construct temporary barriers in the middle of the span due to the large influx of migrants using the bridge at night. A CBP official told Fox News the group attempted to rush across the bridge in three waves.

“Ignoring commands to stop, the group suddenly rushed the temporary barricades, bent metal poles and disabled the concertina wire affixed to the barrier,” the official said.

“Several males in the group disregarded commands to stop and physically pushed through the barriers,” the official said. “When confronted by CBP officers, the combative individuals began assaulting the officers by punching, kicking, and attempting to grab the officers’ protective devices.”

Two individuals were charged with interference and federal charges are pending against 14 others who were apprehended, the official said, adding that Mexican officials removed the remaining individuals from the bridge. [Fox News]

Enough is enough! Don’t hire these people, folks! Do your part. Check to see if any that you hire are here legally. These people come here, crowd our schools with their multiples of children per family, crowd our legal and prison systems, burden our welfare and other social systems, take American jobs, some kill American citizens, and they send hundreds of billions of dollars to their families in their home countries, hurting our economy further in the process.

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Here’s another idea. Let’s pull all the Ice agents and border control guys out of there and put the Marines in. This should stop the flow in its tracks. This is a war and should be run as such. A couple of brigades of Marines with a couple of apache helicopters and a few tanks would settle this in no time. Problem solved.

The Dems don’t want the border crisis so Trump should find the bill sponsors of the law that has the loopholes that cause the border problems. And shove it in their face blaming the Dems for the deaths and unrest. Make them choke on it.

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