5-6 Voting Machines In Ohio County Switch Republican To Democrat Votes!

I am getting pissed off hearing about these machines breaking. Are you telling me this nation is incompetent of running an election that doesn’t have electronic issues? Why even use the damn things then?

I earlier wrote about 6-7 states having voting machine problems and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end today. We need everyone to make sure you look at your ballots and if you see something going down you don’t agree with, report it.

From Idnews.com:

A problem with the calibration of electronic voting machines in Lebanon County has caused 5-6 machines to represent straight Republican tickets as straight Democratic tickets, said Michael Anderson, director of the Lebanon County Bureau of Elections.

In these cases, the voter attempted to vote for the full Republican ticket, but noticed in the review screen that the vote was going to a straight Democratic ticket instead, Anderson said. They alerted their poll workers, who alerted the Bureau of Elections.

The Bureau of Elections has a software expert who was able to solve the problem in each case, he said. It involves a calibration issue regarding the machine. The Republican and Democratic straight tickets appear next to each other on the ballot.

In each case, the problem was resolved and the voter was able to successfully change their ballot to the desired ticket, Anderson said. He was not aware of anyone actually casting an incorrect ballot. He was not sure whether there were any instances of a straight Democratic ticket appearing as a straight Republican ticket.

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