4.4M Jobs Created in Last 27 Months? – Why is Obama Admin Allowed to Falsify Facts?

Unemployed workers wait to file claims outside a state office in Los Angeles, Calif

From the beginning President Obama has demonstrated that he lacks a basic understanding of business, markets and the economy as a whole. So it is no surprise that unemployment remains essentially unchanged since he took office.

Our liberal friends keep touting that the Obama administration has created 4.4 million jobs. Let’s assume this fantasy is a fact, which it isn’t. The working age population has risen far more than 4.4 million individuals. Just last month it was reported that 80,000 jobs were created. This ignores that 189,000 people entered the work force and an additional 85,000 went on Social Security Disability. 4.4 million is number void of context.

Obama is not working…Time to choose someone else

There are 1.82 million more people not in the labor force now than just 12 months ago. Since Obama took office there are 5.48 million less people in the labor force despite population growth. Anyone who pats Obama on the back and touts that we have created 4.4 million jobs is in a fantasy land.

Once again proving liberalism really is a mental disorder. Too bad they can prescribe medication for depression, but not this……then again it may be from abusing these so called helpful drugs or of the illegal persuasion. Regardless a disorder nonetheless.

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Wayne Dupree

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