3,000 Illegal Voters Unregister In Colorado, Leaving The Election Grid!

More than 3,000 Colorado voters have taken their names off the rolls, so President Trump’s program won’t detect if they are illegal or not.

According to McClatchy, three thousand Coloradans are dropping their registration, so they won’t be picked up by President Trump’s new program to weed out illegal voter registration and clean up the mess Democrats have allowed to marinate for years.

What are they so afraid of? I mean come on! After nine months of proudly proclaiming that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, shouldn’t they be embracing the opportunity to have the facts to back up their claim?

The Republicans want to look into voter fraud. The Democrats do not. That alone speaks volumes about the Democrats.

Democrats are trying to push Trump’s program as voter suppression. By definition, unregistering voters cannot be “voter suppression,” because those voters were already registered (and presumably voted). This reveals the DNC’s entire “voter suppression” agenda as fabricated propaganda. They have won uncounted elections because of illegal votes.

Source: McClatchy

Top officials in the Democratic National Committee are worried about a sudden drop in voter registrations in Colorado, concerned that President Donald Trump’s new election commission is encouraging Democrats across the country to remove themselves from the electoral grid for fear of revealing personal information to the GOP leadership.

Led by DNC Chairman Tom Perez, they’ve begun an effort — in conjunction with the Colorado Democratic Party — to persuade other members of the party’s rank-and-file to stay registered.

“If you unregister, you are giving a victory to proponents of voter suppression,” Perez said in an interview with McClatchy.

Denying the GOP a victory on this issue, he said, is the party’s new rallying cry.

“That’s our message,” Perez said. “And we’re out there delivering that message in every way possible.”

More than 3,000 Colorado voters have unregistered since Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity requested personal data on voters in late June, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. The commission, created to investigate alleged voter fraud in states across the country, drew bipartisan backlash this month with its request, with officials in both parties declining to provide the information out of concern for voters’ privacy.

So let me get this straight. They think thousands of “likely” illegal voters have unregistered, but there has been no investigation or arrests made for illegal voting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it happened. But it angers me that precious little is ever done about voter fraud. Authorities ought to be all over that like ants on a sugar cube!

I know liberals don’t want to accept that President Trump won the popular vote too, but according to the US Constitution, he won the popular vote. The US states select the US president. Each state votes for the president of the states.

If the EU were to have an elected president, does anyone believe the less populated countries would accept the notion the more populated countries would select the president? Not for a minute. They would establish an electoral college.

Makes you want to put in your will, please notify the FEC that I’m dead and remove me from the registry. That’s the only way to assure I never vote for a Democrat.

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