It’s so easy to look at what’s happening in America and say “we’re divided because the left is trying to destroy the country and the right is trying to save it.”


People on the left, say the same thing, only vice versa.

They’re as convinced as you are that the right is trying to destroy the country and the left is trying to save it. I know that sounds absolutely bizarre, but it’s true.

So, there’s much more going on here than just “right vs left.”

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And that’s what Tucker is very artfully pointing out.

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See, this isn’t an “us vs them” in the simple sense – this is them, the elites from the right and the left, replacing our free system with an authoritarian one that no longer has to “convince” you of anything – it simply TELLS you what to do and you obey.

Have you noticed that lately? Joe Biden doesn’t feel the need to explain anything or answer any questions – you’re the lowly peasants, so he just turns and walks away.

And, if you think for one second that someone like Mitch McConnell isn’t “all-in” on this plan, you’re higher than Hunter Biden on a crack bender.

He is…and no amount of judges he confirms, or pre-determined Dem bills that he supposedly “stops” will change that.

Politics is like wrestling. It’s all scripted.

In some matches, the good guys win (whoever is in power at the moment) and in some matches, the bad guys win.

And all the while the crowd is in their seats cheering or booing for a show that is scripted and the outcome is already known to the actors playing their roles.

Seriously, that’s what this is like…Mitch doesn’t dislike Chuck Schumer. He loves the guy…they likely agree on 90% of the stuff they pretend to argue about.

Here’s a bit of what Tucker said:

We’re going to something a little different and to try to explain what this country is fighting with itself about, what are the lines that divide us?

It’s pretty obviously not the old partisan divide that the rest of us grew up with Republican versus Democrat. You figured that out now. You look over the Democratic side, you see Rashida Tlaib. You’re pretty certain she’s not on your side, obviously. But then the question is, is Mitch McConnell on your side? And the answer, as you well know, is, no, not really. So what divides us? What is the dividing line? And it’s really simple.

The people in charge are intent on replacing our free democratic system with an authoritarian system where they don’t convince you of anything. They simply make you do things and they benefit from that. There are people in this country who are opposed to that, they are anti-authoritarian. And if you look at who we book on this show, that may explain why we do it. You may have noticed we have a lot of former lefties on the show. Glenn Greenwald is the most obvious. Alex Berenson as well. And many others.


You can watch the video below:

Tucker is 100 percent right.

And I will say this again – we need to all get over the “elections don’t work” mentality – yes, I know that 2020 sucked, trust me, I get it, but we need to keep pushing for reforms, and put our heads down and get 100% back into the game…because if we don’t get rid of these establishment RINOs, McConnell, Graham, Grassley, and the rest of them, no matter how “low” they fly under the radar, we will never win at anything.


Because those guys are all corrupted and they’re not looking out for you and me, they’re looking out for themselves, and if that means sitting back and allowing the Dems to do the dirty work for them, they’ll do it. Happily, and then they’ll pretend to be outraged and fundraise off of it.

Politics is the biggest show on earth.

I promise you all, those establishment old-timers (and some of the new-timers) hate the MAGA and America First voters more than Democrats do, and they’re perfectly happy watching our freedoms get snuffed out.

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